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The story

First of all, I would like to welcome you to the backstage of our creative office, a small oasis where ideas and products for you and your home are created. Mi casa es su casa :) 

Of course, every story has its beginning, and this one has been brewing for quite some time. Even as a child, I loved to draw and create, sew dresses for dolls, build them houses and accessories for the home. This passion continued in elementary school, where, in addition to the creative streak, the desire to organize, especially notebooks and school supplies, came to the fore.  To this day, I remember with pride the moment when my teacher asked me to give her my notebooks so that the next generations would learn from them.

After finishing high school, I decided to study architecture, where I was always more interested in the stories behind the background than the 'frame of life'. People, their habits, lifestyles and the very quality of living. The study of architecture provided me with enough 'theoretical' knowledge, while observation and conversations behind closed doors at home drew me into the world of research and the search for system solutions. 

As a mother of two, now almost teenagers, I became even more aware of the importance of home organization and the optimization of time and space. That's why I started presenting ideas and solutions in my blog about home organization. Simple storage tricks, DIY solutions and reusing items have always been my 'specialty'.

As an architect, I entered many homes and helped people especially in arranging the functional zones of everyday life and organizing all the clutter that life brings. I noticed that a big problem, although many people are not aware of it, is precisely the document cover. I couldn't find the right system solution for my customers, so I decided to develop my own, which would be easy to use, functional and suitable for the home.

So I combined my passion for product design, manual work, systematization and, last but not least, digitization at home...


... and MyPile was born.

Nataša Hodnik Korinšek, udia,

co-founder of Systhematic doo and creator of MyPile


MyPile products are handmade, made with care and with a lot of good energy, which will also enter your home with our products.

The MyPile team

A real team is like a backbone. It offers support, enables mobility and 'carries' you even when you need to clench your teeth. The MyPile team is a team with a heart, full of optimism and the desire to change the world at least a little for the better. These always start with us, in our home environment.

An idea would still be an idea if individuals who felt a similar mission did not meet.Urosas a lawyer, he is all too aware of the importance of documents and everything written on them. Therefore, the master of law, who is also a fan of aesthetically perfect interiors and DIY furniture, quickly recognized the need to create a solution that would help people organize their home documentation... and became the driving force behind the implementation of the idea.

Uroš Keber, Master of Laws,

co-founder of Systhematic doo, creator of MyPile

Too badjoined the team recently, but has already become an indispensable member of the backbone. Our 'marketer' is a failed economics student, as she likes to joke, but therefore a very successful master of opera singing. Fate chooses interesting paths, and Zala discovered her passion for marketing with MyPile, and her love for organizing paper and editing documents has always existed. 


Zala Hodnik, opera singer, boss of goodwill and 'right hand' in creating content for MyPile social networks

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