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MyPile is a household system

Documents are part of our everyday lives, both professionally and privately. Because of the perception that most documents are created for professional purposes, there needs to be more awareness of the importance of the information contained in documents.

Although this unpleasant task is often placed at the bottom of the to-do list, it is good to be aware that organizing documents and paperwork make it possible to: 

·       Pay your bills regularly,

·       Repair your household appliances at no extra cost,

·       Have a general overview of household expenses.​


That's why we've developed a simple three-tier system with thematic subdivisions and products that make filing much quicker and easier while avoiding messy piles of paper in drawers, on shelves, or in shoe boxes!

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MyPile for a shared future

The system only works if everyone is familiar with it. Life is full of events that hit us out of the blue, and that's when we realize what we should have prepared for. This applies to insurance but also to the storage of important documents. Divorces, illnesses, deaths in the family - all these events can leave relatives in the dark about where all the information is stored (insurance policies, payments, contracts, etc.).

Miles, 73 years old

"This year, my wife, who had always kept our bills and documents in order, died suddenly. Now I am lost, with no idea about insurance, bills, and house upkeep".

Saša, 42 years old

"My husband makes sure everything is stored and digitized. But I don't know his system, and I don't know my way around his files, so I'd have a big problem if he were away for a long time".

Katja, 48 years old

"We don't have a system; we aren't organized; we just pile everything up. Then we move the pile from the kitchen counter into the drawers. It often happens that we don't know where exactly somewhere is, and we all have to look for it".

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"The same habits always produce the same results."

Nataša Hodnik Korinšek,
architect and mother

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